11495 Danzka Vodka Currant 100 cl 40,0 %

Basic Information

Item No.11495
DescriptionDanzka Vodka Currant
Unit Volume100 cl
Alchohol by Volume (ABV)40,0 %

Units, Barcodes and details


Barcode: 5710707544091
Unit: FL
Internal Item No. 11495-K

Data from GS1 TradeSync regarding GTIN 05710707544091:
GS1 GTIN05710707544091
Data Carrier Type CodeEAN_13
Packaging Type CodeBO: Flaske (både glas og plast)
Is Base Unittrue
Is Consumer Unittrue
Is Despatch Unitfalse
GS1 GPC Category Code10000263
Functional NameSpiritus
Regulated Product NameSpiritus
Brand NameDanzka
Sales ConditionRESTRICTED_TO_SELL_18
Net Content100 CLT
Alchohol by volume40
New Weight952 GRM
Gross Weight1080 GRM
Width77 MMT
Depth77 MMT
Height276 MMT
Planogram (GS1 Tradesync)05710707544091.1.png
Planogram (GS1 Tradesync)05710707544091.3.png
Image (GS1 Tradesync)05710707544091_C1N1.jpg
Image (GS1 Tradesync)05710707544091_C1N1.png


Barcode: 5710707544039
Unit: KS12 (KS12 = 12xFL)
Internal Item No. 11495-K

Data from GS1 TradeSync regarding GTIN 05710707544039:
GS1 GTIN05710707544039
Data Carrier Type CodeEAN_13
Packaging Type CodeCS: Kasse (bruges til lukkede kasser 4, 6 eller 12 flasker)
Is Base Unitfalse
Is Consumer Unitfalse
Is Despatch Unittrue
GS1 GPC Category Code10000263
Functional NameVodka
Regulated Product NameVodka
Brand NameDanzka
Net Content1200 CLT
New Weight11424 GRM
Gross Weight13320 GRM
Width242 MMT
Depth330 MMT
Height282 MMT
TradeItems pr Pallet50
Layers pr Pallet5
Pallet Gross Weight688 KGM
Pallet Width800 MMT
Pallet Depth1200 MMT
Pallet Height1554 MMT


Barcode: 5706844510365
Unit: X600 (X600 = 600xFL)
Internal Item No. 11495-K

Customs and tax classification

Excise Product CodeS200
Tariff No.22086011

Labelling classification

Organic (EU xxx/xx)No


CeleryFree from
CrustuceansFree from
EggsFree from
FishFree from
GlutenFree from
LupinFree from
Milk (lactose)Free from
MolluscsFree from
MustardFree from
NutsFree from
PeanutsFree from
SesameFree from
SoyabeansFree from
SulphurFree from (or below 10mg/kg or 10 mg/liter)


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