16629 RÅSTOFF Pomegranate ØKO 2 cl 16,4 %

Basic Information

Item No.16629
DescriptionRÅSTOFF Pomegranate ØKO
Unit Volume2 cl
Alchohol by Volume (ABV)16,4 %
B2C Websitehttp://www.raastoff.dk/

Units, Barcodes and details


Barcode: 5706844521804
Unit: RØR
Internal Item No. 16629-K

Data from GS1 TradeSync regarding GTIN 05706844521804:
GS1 GTIN05706844521804
Data Carrier Type CodeNO_BARCODE
Packaging Type CodeCY: Cylinder (bruges 2 cl RØR)
Is Base Unittrue
Is Consumer Unittrue
Is Despatch Unitfalse
GS1 GPC Category Code10000263
Functional NameSpiritus
Regulated Product NameLikør
Brand NameRåstoff
Sales ConditionRESTRICTED_TO_SELL_16
Net Content2 CLT
Alchohol by volume16.4
New Weight0.0223 GRM
Gross Weight34 GRM
Width24 MMT
Depth24 MMT
Height167 MMT
Organic Place of FarmingEU_OR_NON_EU_AGRICULTURE
Planogram (GS1 Tradesync)05706844521804T.1.png
Planogram (GS1 Tradesync)05706844521804.3.png
Planogram (GS1 Tradesync)05706844521804.1.png
Planogram (GS1 Tradesync)05706844521804T.3.png
Planogram (GS1 Tradesync)05706844521804T.2.png
Image (GS1 Tradesync)05706844521804_C1N1.png
Image (GS1 Tradesync)05706844521804_C1N1.jpg


Barcode: 5706844521811
Unit: PK50 (PK50 = 50xRØR)
Internal Item No. 16629-K

Data from GS1 TradeSync regarding GTIN 05706844521811:
GS1 GTIN05706844521811
Data Carrier Type CodeEAN_13
Packaging Type CodePU: Bakke (bruges til 24 Gasco og 50 stk RØR)
Is Base Unitfalse
Is Consumer Unittrue
Is Despatch Unittrue
GS1 GPC Category Code10000263
Functional NameSpiritus
Regulated Product NameSpiritus
Brand NameRåstoff
Net Content100 CLT
New Weight1150 GRM
Gross Weight1724 GRM
Width155 MMT
Depth240 MMT
Height176 MMT
TradeItems pr Pallet230
Layers pr Pallet10
Pallet Gross Weight390 KGM
Pallet Width800 MMT
Pallet Depth1200 MMT
Pallet Height1904 MMT
Planogram (GS1 Tradesync)05706844521811T.1.png
Planogram (GS1 Tradesync)05706844521811T.2.png
Planogram (GS1 Tradesync)05706844521811T.3.png
Planogram (GS1 Tradesync)05706844521811.1.png
Planogram (GS1 Tradesync)05706844521811.3.png
Image (GS1 Tradesync)05706844521811_C1N1.jpg
Image (GS1 Tradesync)05706844521811_C1N1.png

Customs and tax classification

Excise Product CodeS200
Tariff No.22087010

Labelling classification

Spirit Category (EU 2019/787)Likør
Organic (EU xxx/xx)Yes
Organic Origin (EU xxx/xx xxxx)EU/ikke-EU-jordbrug



Category.png8,8 MBRAASTOFF-gruppe-billede-70cl.png
Category.png12,3 MBRAASTOFF_gruppe_billede.png
Category.png10,7 MBRAASTOFF_gruppe_billede_uden_spejl.png
Category.png7,3 MBShots 10 cl RÅSTOFF m skygge.png
Category.png7,1 MBShots 10 cl RÅSTOFF u skygge.png
Category.png1.013 KBShots-10-cl-RÅSTOFF-m-skygge-LOW.png
Category.png1.003 KBShots-10-cl-RÅSTOFF-u-skygge-LOW.png