17005 I AM CHAMPAGNE Brut 9 liter 12,0 %

Basic Information

Item No.17005
DescriptionI AM CHAMPAGNE Brut
Unit Volume9 liter
Alchohol by Volume (ABV)12,0 %

Units, Barcodes and details


Barcode: 5713793190005
Unit: FL
Internal Item No. 17005-K

Customs and tax classification

Excise Product CodeW300
Tariff No.22041011

Labelling classification

Organic (EU xxx/xx)No


CeleryFree from
CrustuceansFree from
EggsFree from
FishFree from
GlutenFree from
LupinFree from
Milk (lactose)Free from
MolluscsFree from
MustardFree from
NutsFree from
PeanutsFree from
SesameFree from
SoyabeansFree from
SulphurContains (more than 10mg/kg or 10 mg/liter